Some helpful advices you should take before you start recording:

- Get a professional to set up your guitars or basses, it will make a big difference while recording.
- Remember to bring extra sticks, strings and picks.
- Make sure you perfectly know your songs and you're able to play them easily.
- Consider the idea to preproduce your songs by recording a rough demo of your record.

Recording sessions take place from Monday to Friday from 10am to 7pm (with 1 hour break from 2pm to 3pm) and on Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 7pm.


If you're gonna record in another studio or do it yourself and want me to mix, here are a few recommendations.

-If needed, edit the drums before recording any other instruments, as they will play to the drums.
-Check the tuning on your guitars and bass at all times.
-Please record a DI signal of the guitars and bass as well as a miked signal. I will always start by using your sound but I could need to reamp the signal.
-Do not apply EQ or compression or whatever, all the tracks need to be totally unprocessed.
-If you consolidate the tracks, please don't do fades.
-If possible keep all the songs in one session only.
-Please consolidate all the tracks so they start at zero.
-If recorded to a click, please export the tempo map of your songs and their time signature changes as MIDI files and include those files.


I offer a mastering service for your own mixes or mixes done at another studio.
Please provide me the stereo mixdowns for each track (without any fade) at the resolution and sample rate they have been recorded.
If you prefere I can master from stems: drums stereo mixdown, bass stereo mixdown, guitars stereo mixdown, vocals stereo mixdown and so on.
My mastering will be done using two stereo linked EL Distressor compressors, the Elysia Xfilter and the TC Finalizer 96k.